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Our innovative, award-winning origami design differentiates our Solar Lights from our competitors because it eliminates the need for a mouth nozzle to inflate. Easier and healthier to open, our Solar Lights are designed to be able to transform from a flat polygon into beautiful cube and pyramid shapes with a simple pull-open action. Recognized globally, our designs have won several product innov ation accolades, awarded two US Utility Patents and lauded by leaders in design including MoMA, the Modern Museum of Art

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Utilizing the latest in recyclable, biodegradable fabric and material technology, our products are engineered to be lighter for ease of travel and to be stronger and more durable to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. We leverage smart material technology which enables immediate transformation from flat to cube with the ability to retain the rigid form of their shapes while being soft enough to fold flat. Our unique fabrication results in the creation of an amazing spectrum of beautiful light.

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  • Flat pack and travel anywhere

  • High-Tech Fabric is Engineered for Extreme Weather

  • Waterproof and They Float

  • Innovative origami design

  • Powered by the sun

  • The only self-inflating lantern